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Potions/Quick Slot use and the character AI

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I play on normal and don't usually pre-buff my party for role playing reasons (I found it a chore in BG1/2).



In combat I often forget about quick slot items, particularly potions, in the confusion of a fight.

I'd like an AI option to allow party member to use quick slot items in combat in a way similar to per-rest abilities.


What do other's think please?

- I'm hoping this is something that could be added as a patch or mod.

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I understand that AI do not use toolbar since thats are limited resources.

And it is hard to make it work in acceptable manner. SInce in toolbelt the have all kind of stuff like heal potions, speed potion, res scroll... 

I think it would be impossible for devs to program AI to use it in acceptable manner since ai never knows if aim going to use healin from potion or from other character.

That would require aproach similar to Dragon Age.

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NWN 2's companion AI settings have various flags for item use. Personally I always leave them off as I hate it if limited resources are used unnecessarily, as they usually are.


That said, I don't use consumables all that much either, and when I do, it's for a "planned fight." I'm in fact kind of pushing myself to using them more as they're pretty interesting and you can craft a lot of them easily.

I have a project. It's a tabletop RPG. It's free. It's a work in progress. Find it here: www.brikoleur.com

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