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Possible to unbind mouse buttons for Dragon Age: Origins?


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This is a long shot...


I recently reinstalled Dragon Age: Origins, and I am trying to customize the controls in a way that it would be similar to PoE. The main issues I have is that the game assigns the right mouse button to a variety tasks, like interactions and "click-move", while the left mouse button is still assigned to things like menu and dialogue choice confirmation. I am finding this rather unintuitive when I map the controls to my controller using XPadder. Ideally, I'd like to aggregate all of these functions to one mouse button, and just have the left mouse button take care most of the tasks, like interaction, click-move, dialogue selection, etc., just like in PoE.


The problem is that while you can customize a number of hotkeys in game options, you cannot customize the aforementioned functions or "unbind" the mouse buttons. So I've been searching for third party software that might help me do this, either to allow me to "unbind" the mouse buttons and assign customized game functions to them, or to make their usage interchangeable (ie either clicking the right or the left mouse button can accomplish the aforementioned tasks). Any ideas?

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Have you asked on BioWare's Dragon Age forums? Not that we might not be useful here but I suspect you might have more luck over there given that BioWare made the game and the have the dedicated community for that game. :ermm:

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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I did ask at the official forums, although this was quite some time ago. The responses were basically "get use to it" or "sorry no idea", to "who the hell uses a controller for this game?" Then the people who replied got into an argument among themselves about whether the default game interface was "intuitive"....I guess because...internet. :)


I have everything set up in Xpadder perfectly. This is the only remaining issue. I actually tried to set up the right trigger controller button in Xpadder to click both mouse buttons at the same time, but that didn't help because it ended up confusing the game and made mouse clicks wonkey.

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