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Idea for a modification to Deprive the Unworthy

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So Death Guards who are mostly resurrected Paladins (could be Priests too) have the Ability Finger of Death in game.  Its a corrupted version of Deprive the Unworthy (has the same icon) but  Its a HIGH damage Corrode dot.  Why not give Paladins Deprive the Unworthy a high damage fire DoT?  It would go from a very situational ability to one you could use a lot more often.   It would also keep the cancel buff aspect but stay a Per Rest ability so it isn't crazy OP. Opinions?


PS currently Deprive the Unworthy is STILL an auto hit with no save and although the tool tip says it saves against will I do not thing it was meant to.  The Death Guard Touch of Death has no save and its just a corrupted version as the Paladin ability.

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Have gun will travel.

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Generally giving Paladins a set of talents/abilities to be very offensive is nice idea.

There is some need of Arcane Knight class, and Paladin could have such spec if their abilities wasnt so weak and so focused on helping others.

There could be 2 paladin builds (offensive and defensive) and nothing bad will happen.

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