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The big news there isn't that it's coming out early next year, but that we might be getting it on different platforms besides tablets.  I'm still planning on getting a tablet and this game on it, but if I really like it I'll pick it up on steam for the PC assuming they make it available.


"None yet, but I can confidently say we have the long game in mind and don't plan to stop at tablets." Nathan Davis


Edit: Teaches me to cut and paste in simple mode. Edited for ease of reading and to attribute the quote.

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Fionavar's Holliday Wishes to all members of our online community:  Happy Holidays


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Remembering tarna, Phosphor, Metadigital, and Visceris.  Drink mead heartily in the halls of Valhalla, my friends!

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I'm not saying you have to, but it would be really swell to get a few of your beta testers from this forum as we've been following for a long while now.


Also, thanks for some hard info. The cards look great. Maybe Fergus isn't watching as closely over here and we could get one tutorial character, maybe?

Still looking forward to this coming out.

Just in 2016 now.

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First I do have to say that it is nice to get an update even if though the project won't come out this year.


And since I have done software testing for 30+ years, I would rather have an application working and fully tested vs the "let's get it out and fix bugs" release type of approach. Nothing can be done regarding first impressions if the initial release is full of bugs and/or showstoppers.


Obvious as noted in the post there are a lot of card interactions in Pathfinder Adventure card game. Sure there probably be some undiscovered bugs due to wierd interactions. I totally understand it. And it is refreshing to see initially a small card set was used since some developers try to bite off more than they should. But at the same time the released app should be functional with all or a good chunk of the cards implemented.


And do keep posting updates to keep customers in the loop.

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