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Chances of revisiting stats in conversations in a patch or sequel?

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I dunno, you could probably run a Wizard with high(ish) resolve as a tanky spellsword build, there's a Cipher build in the characters subforum that has decently high resolve and I imagine you could run a melee focused Druid with high resolve. These builds might not be the absolute best (although the Cipher build is definitely very powerful) but they're not going to be awful. In fact I'm not convinced min-maxed stats matter that much: a rogue with Might, Dexterity and Perception in the 14-16 range will obviously not do as much damage as with them all maxed, but they'll still do good damage.


None of those are caster builds, but you are right: don't have to be min-maxed to beat the game. It's more from a roleplay perspective and gameplay critique that if you do want to play as reasonably min-maxed caster your resolve conversation options are going to suck. I'm not saying this should or should not be changed, just that its a fair point that people are not addressing in the thread. 


I think the real solution is to actually have a game that is reasonable modable like we were promised. 


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