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Min Maxing Universal Weapon concept: A Skaen Priest

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Hi folks!

Since WH hitted, I wondered around guessing if there was a way to take advantage of the universal future of the game.



On my next run I will do a PoTD run with a Priest Main (time to drop my pally, for once!) Since I believe that Prey of the Weak is one of the best DPS talents in the WHOLE game per se, but the build always missed a good main hand to go with.




Nightshroud+Prey of the Weak+Flick of the Wrist will give use +14 accuracy to BOTH main and off hand weapons, creating the opportunity to have an interesting hybrid caster that want to play in melee and leave yet another slot for the ranged characters. 



Race Moon Godlike, the basic stats build that I usually put into the account are basic stats point + talents (protagonist) + ced nua rest + items, leaving the full buffs calculations only for bosses fights. So let's resume:


78 basic points

+4 from main char protagonist extra feats

+9 from items (back, belt and chest)

+3 from Ched Nua Rest (dexterity)

That's good for AT LEAST

18 Str -> mainly heal and DPS multi

10 Con -> Priest and Moon, don't bother with this

20 Dex -> the MOST important stat for a caster

10 Per 

20 Int -> The MOST important stat for a priest

10 Res


6 extra points to reallocate where needed.



  • Lilith's Shawl: +3 stats AND 20 int to make the aura function for everyone.
  • Shod-in-Faith and Sanguine Plate: Given the 20int and High DPS of the char, I think this is one of the few builds optimized for the nerfed sanguine.I like the Proc but honestly on any melee that I usually run doesn't looks like is worth it (pally high int but low DPS, Rogues and Fighters from good to decent DPS but dumped INT). I wanted to maximize this on proc items and I think this is one of the very best builds to go with them.
  • Broad Belt of Power: +4 stats in one slot, kappa.
  • Rings and Gloves: U need 2 slots dedicated for +saves and + deflex, then you have one free slot to go, gloves for DPS (+5 accuracy or +atk speed) or Ring (+extra spells) are safe choices.


I think that, since the universal weapons appared, skaen is quite easily the BEST priest deity and the one who is open to the most building and min maxing potentials, Prey of the Weak finally have found an AMAZING buddy to play with (nightshroud) and we got a cool free talent from WH that sinergy with the build as well in the form of Flick of The Wrist.



For reference this will be a PoTD Trial Of Iron run, where I'll try to clear ALL the contest (and most likely fail in the result). Total party composition is gonna be:


Pale Elf Fighter (to use the new retaliation helm) dumb Int, defender + Retaliation Items stack.

Moon like Rogue: classic semi glass cannon melee DPS with dumb int

2x Moon Like Mage with dumb con and Res

Moon like Cipher with dumb con and Res



I know, I should add a 3rd mage somewhere but I love rogues too much.


I will update the post from time to time to tell you how much I can go further into Iron run and how much the Priest will perform with nightshroud ;)

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you calculated the stats wrong. you have 10 points extra.


POE char stats are, 18 pts in addition to all states set to 10. unless i read your post wrong and those are somehow your planned final end -game stats? 

technically, it's actually: all stats at base 10, + 15 to distribute. then you get bonus 3 pts from char Race, and char Background. yes, eve dwarves, remember they have -1 dex, even tho they have +2 might and +1 con. ppl always forget that.

edit: never mind, i apologize. those are your calculated end game stats. i'd love to see a detailed breakdown !

edit #2: yep, you have the priest stat spread perfectly laid out. They're the only casters who can dump PER. gotta love that!

not even ciphers can dump PER, even though cipher spells have the highest +ACC modifiers out of all the caster classes: they need to hit the enemy non-magically first in order to build focus. priest laughs at such petty foibles while clasting tons of **** that won't even have to check against a defense haha.

there can be great synergy in a priest's high MIGHT, since he needs it for healing and it can serve to deal damage be it melee or ranged. the obvious problems are that:

1) base priest deflection is 15, although his base acc is 20, which is... something. at least.
2) endurance and health multiplier same as rest of casters. i.e. pumping con is a waste due to percentage-based nature of the diminishing returns.
3) due to the nature of the games miss/graze/hit/crit system and minimum-maximum percentages even with fighter-level deflection a caster/priest will never be able to hang for long trading hits due to his nerfed end/health multiplier.

however, as you say, skaen deity opens up a previously lacking +dmg modifier for the priest class, as well as a talent that equalizes their ACC (with specific weapons) up to +25 base acc tier, i.e. chanter/paladin/monk.

sounds interesting mate. i notice you're missing one +ACC talent that's incredibly useful: gallant's focus. +4 ACC to everything, including spells, melee swings and ranged shots. never mind that it's an aura, it's good to get just for personal benefit. weap. focus + gallant's aura + deity +ACC talent = tons of ACC.

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Yeah, I didn't think about Gaillant's focus but since it's the 1st time (EVER) that I'm dropping a paladin from the party I will take it on my main for sure. 20 Int is enought for all melee characters to take it, and I like the concept of the hybrid melee DPS / support char.


Thx for the tip ;)


ps: yeah I put into account end game stats when I think about a character, even if now it's gonna be super easy with the respec future. That's the main reason couz I left 6 open points to allocate, I want the "basic" stats to be achieved ASAP (18str 20 dex/int 10 rest) and then see if I will have big holes in the playstile (resists, more accuracy, more str etc).



Btw I gived up the idea of the almost full moon god like party couz is waayy to cheese IMO plus I don't have the time to redo my run in Iron Mode If I got whiped so I'm gonna make a more balanced race distribution and use the Power Word: Reload if needed :p Still I think I'll make a recap of the run (potential whipes included, let's be honest!) if any one found it interesting enough ;)


edit: I like what you said about multipliers and I don't expect my Priest to be a god in melee, I just honestly think that Nightshroud opened us an interesting slot for a min maxer MELEE caster that's, stand alone, amazing since I can open myself to yet another ranged caster slot in a full party run and since ranged casters > all  this is the true "strongest" point of the build!

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2 things about Gallant's Focus

  • Doesn't stack with Priest Blessing spell. In fact, I also tried it with Disciplined Barrage and the 4 acc got suppressed.
  • The coverage is actually quite small. You might make it decent by max'ing int but it can't really compare to that of a Pally.

The way I see Nightshroud - it is a "free" superb enchanted weapon when upgraded. The proc chance for blind is actually quite bad. I levelled it by engaging a tanky enemy (eg troll) with my party tank and priest whack it. The 13 proc chances required took a long time... although the barbs spell proc is ok-ish. The most attractive part of it is the Shadowing Beyond ability, which gives some breathing room if your priest take on too much heat. If you want to be offensive, the Nightshroud is not the best choice.

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This would be my approach:


Race: Death Godlike



Abilities/Talents: Prey on the Weak, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Weapon Focus Ruffian, Two Weapon Style, Vuln. Attack, Savage Attack, Insp. Radiance., Bloody Slaughter. Maybe Aggradizing Radiance for per enc. self buff before lvl 9. Maybe Painful Interdiction for setting up Sneak Attacks by myself.


Items: Sanguine Plate, Shod-in-Faith or Glanfathan Stalking Boots or Boots of Speed (together with Aggr. Rad.= +5 move speed!), Ryona's Vembraces (another +3DR bypass) or Pilferer's Grip, Garod's Chorus or Duryd Demon vor Azalin's Helmet, Blunting Belt, Ring of Changing Heart, Finrea's Grace, Misery's End.


Stilettos, Vuln. Attack and Ryona's Vembraces add up to a great +11 DR bypass. That combined with dual wielding speed and frenzy plus self buffs from Aggr. Rad. (+6 might e.g.) and spells should boost your DPS a lot. Sounds fun - I might try it in my next playtrough. :)

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