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[GoG.com Version 2.03] Runtime Error when starting PoE



After installing the latest Pillars of Eternity (PoE) verion 2.03 [Windows installer, NOT GoG Galaxy!], I have been getting the following error on launch.




Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


Runtime Error!





This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an ususual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information.







I have tried to resolve this issue and found the following:


By uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistibutable, both (x64) and (x86), I can get PoE to work.

It starts and runs fine.


When reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistibutable (needed for other games) the Runtime Error will reoccur without fail.



I will also contact GoG.com support with this problem.


Attached are the 'output_log' and the 'DxDiag'.


Thank you for your help.



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Had the same issue. Still unresolved. And if I use Galaxy to update it insists on re downloading the entire damn game. Gog patches are a mess. Makes me want to go back to steam.

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It actually worked.......



GoG, the fck are you doing?!?


I actually let out an audible "Aaaaaahohmygod"


This has figuratively kept me up for days....


I can't thank you enough.


I don't even remember how long i spent looking for a solution and yet not finding any on here....

Despite it clearly being somewhere...

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I have to admit, I laughed out loud, MitoDrium. Welcome to the board and, now that your issue is resolved to your satisfaction, stick around and enjoy the board. Grab a burger and a beverage and enjoy the show.

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