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I would like to make a swordspell build. I'm using 2.03 version but not white march. I will be using a high elf (sub-optimal choice I know). I'm planning to use either a single sword (no shield) or a two-handed sword (no weapon summoning spells). I can't decide between cipher or wizard so any advice is appreciated.


I would like to make a build that is a front liner. Ideally he would get hit rarely. So basically I'm wondering about attribute spread (I don't want to dump stats) and which class to use.


I was thinking of (for roleplaying purposes)

14 Might,

8 Con,

15 Dex,

15 Per,

10 Int,

15 Res,


The idea is that decent Perception and Resolve offset low accuracy and deflection. However if I will be using a single sword, I'll have a buff to accuracy. So perception could be lowered for intellect. Is 8 Con to squishy? Should I increas Con and potentially lower Might? I'd like to keep high Dex for roleplaying purposes.


Thank you.



But basically my questions are. Should I offensively favour Dex or Might? Resolve vs Constitution?  Single sword vs Two handed sword.

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When you say High Elf your mean Wood Elf right?  Or Pale Elf?


For a spellsword type, I would say Cipher, a melee wizard is viable but the Cipher gets a funky looking glow on their weapons while they build focus (which they do by hitting things), plus as melee wizard I would recommend taking the spells that summon weapons as they are rather cool and you would be missing out on not using them but at the same time they are staves and pikes and you seem to be keen on using swords for aesthetics.


Weapon choice, I personally would go two-hander over one-hander as the bonus accuracy you get from one-hander doesn't stay viable at higher levels, what with the advantages from talents and items, but there's really no need to choose right at the start as you can happily swap between weapons with no drawback until you start choosing talents like Weapon Focus and fighting styles anyway.  See which one you like the best or go with one-handers for the accuracy boost until you get a few levels under your belt.


I personally like to avoid lowering a stat below 10, so I don't know if 8 con will be enough, depends I think on difficulty, but if this guy is supposed to be on the front lines you might want to up it a bit. 


Perception is good but it might be more worthwhile to stick in other more defensive stats if this guy is going to be directly on the front lines which he will be if he's using swords as he won't be using the reach weapons that let him fight behind another. 


Intelligence would be good especially if you go melee wizard, but a Cipher could use it if you choose powers that control people, debuff or buff people, or have an area of effect. 


Might will boost the damage of both your melee attacks and spells, dexterity will enable you to act more often but if you are wearing armour (which again if you are on the front lines you will need it unless playing on lower difficulty, especially since you are not using a shield) it will be affected by the recovery penalty of the armour.


Resolve is good, and it is also used a lot in dialogue checks, something to consider if you want to be able to talk your way through things.


EDIT: Just wanted to add that this is all my own personal experience, and may or may not be based in reality. ;)

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Okay I started with a wood elf cipher.


Attributes: 17, 12, 15, 10, 10, 14.


I've just reached level 4 and need to choose a power. I can't decide between:

1) Phantom foes (aoe enemies flanked)

2) Mental binding (used to be great, but now circumstancial, average casting time, short duration)

3) Amplified thrust (good damage)

4) Whisper of treason (slow casting, but long duration).

5) Soul shock (aoe decent damage)


Mental binding used to be such a great spell but now it's kinda meh, but I can see it being useful against single enemies that deal heavy damage. I'm leaning kind of towards phantom foes, because it's a unique debuff and aoe.

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Have you taken Psychovampiric Shield?


It lowers the target's Resolve by 10 and adds 10 deflection to your cipher. -10 Resolve translate into -10 Deflection and -20 Will. And it lasts quite a long time. So the target becomes easier to hit physically, becomes more susceptible to your mental powers, and the spell increases your survivability.

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Yes, I've taken Psychovampiric Shield, also Mindblades. So, I need to choose a lvl 3 power.


edit: I ended up taking phantom foes, but it's bugged and enemies lose flanked debuff. Grrrr. Now I'll have to reload and pick something else, probably mental binding.

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Another option could be chanter in full plate with a heavy main weapon( e.g. Tidefall ) and secondary set of hand weapon + shield for emergencies trained for damage/cc invocations. This one could potentially act as a spell-sword as well( however he will be sub-par to ciphers damage wise).

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