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Wrong version of the game in iTunes store (2.01 instead of 2.02)





I have figured out that what happens here is that version 2.02 is not on the app store. Even though the description says it is, the version that it installs instead is 2.01.


I have installed the Winter March and the app and unfortunately I don't have the latest version.


ANy idea what I can do? if this cannot be solved easily, is it possible to get a refund and re-buy the game from steam isntead? I feel copletely fooled by the announcement that v2.02 was available on the app store.


Thanks in advance!

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Edit to give more info: The description on the App store (iTunes store) says that the current version is 2.02. However, when I run the game, the version number displayed is 2.01.0721


I can also confirm that the version running is 2.01: it has all the bugs that are supposedly corrected in 2.02 (such as dispaying the wrong accuracies)


It is incredibly misleading! I would have bought the game on steam instead of the app store if I had known that, even though it's advertised as 2.02, it installs 2.01.

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