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Cannot Load Saved Game After Re-Entering Durgan's Battery



I was playing a Triple Crown game and just cleared Durgan's Battery. I exited the area, saw the ending, and proceeded to leave. However, fearing I missed some Durgan ingots inside, I reentered Durgan's Battery. To my surprise everything seemed to have reset: The dialogues were repeating themselves, and it seemed like the items and the enemies had respawned. 


I saved in the front area, and quit the game. I tried to load my game later however, but instead of the normal Durgan's Battery loading screen, I saw the loading screen for the beginning area of the game, and then the game freezes. It never finishes loading my game.


Seeing as this is a Triple Crown play through, I have no backup saved games to my knowledge, and thus am now left having lost ~40 hours of gameplay time.

I cannot seem to upload a save file as it is too large.
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