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Issuing Knockdown action immediately upon start of combat results in character getting stuck




If you issue a knockdown from a fighter to an enemy immediately after combat starts when you have a modal combat stance activated, the character will get stuck and not move.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

1. Give Eder the "Guardian Stance" modal talent.

2. Activate "Guardian Stance".

3. Configure game to auto-pause when combat starts.

4. Change Eder AI options to Aggressive/Aggressive.

5. Enter combat.

6. When game auto-pauses at start of combat, tell Eder to do a Knockdown on an enemy.



Eder stays exactly where he is with the Knockdown icon over his head. He will remain like that, doing nothing, for the entirety of the battle unless you order him to do something else (like attack). The "Guardian Stance" ability will never flash with its start of combat activation animation. Even if the original enemy that was targeted is killed, he will remain there with the icon above his head until you either tell him to do something else or the combat ends.



See save file here that reproduces this issue along with a log from a session where I did this:


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