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[2.02] Mirrored Image FPS / Freeze problem



Casting "Mirrored Image", and after this switching weapons, let my FPS drops significantly.
Switch back to the first weapon set sligthly increase FPS, but drops FPS even more after switching again.
Recast "Mirrored Image" after weapon switch, while it's also active, let my game hang and then recover FPS, or completly freeze the engine.

First encountered the problem with an selfmade companion mage while leveling the soulbound weapon "Greenstone Staff", but it also occurs with a new game with any other weapon.
I've made a new game, cheat my char via console up to lvl 3, and can easily reproduce it on the first encounter.



The attached savegame is just an new game where i've reproduced the problem.





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Sorry for double post, but i can´t see an option to edit my original post.


It seems  Wizards Double is affected as well, but i need to switch the weapon sets some more times before it becommes an big issue. It seems related to the number of copies which will created by this spells.

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