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A Bug In Dyrford? (Spoilers)



So I am a Cipher, and I went for the Cipher ending in the Quest line "Blood Legacy" and because I also knew that the Lord had forced sex on his niece to make her birth a child, I wanted to absolutely murder him. Now it says that I will get an "Extraordinary Dyrford Village Positive" for murdering him, but it doesn't mention the "Major Negative" to the Defiance Bay that you are greeted with in the next screen. The odd thing is, when I went to check how badly it effected my reputation, It had not dropped one bit. It remains "Hero". And because it was only a minor rep boost that barely put me over the last Reputation rank with them, I would think that I would be dropped a whole rank after this decision. Also I talked to a villager outside of the Inn and he and his group thought that the Murder was crossing the line, so I am a bit confused why they call me a hero.


(The pictures may be 900KB to 1.2MB, But they are 'Too big to upload" So Here is an imgur link to them)



I guess it's not as much a bug as a couple of overlooks in this dialog, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

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On a related note, reputations appear to be rather wonky as a whole (but unfortunately I do not have a handy test case.)


A minor negative rep with Defiance Bay brought me down from Champion to Defender; a subsequent extraordinary positive rep did not bring me back to Champion.


With other areas it's the same. The general workings of the reps are ... Strange, let's say.

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