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Feature request: Make Concelhaut Talk!

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...I mean,


anyone? It just feels like a missed opportunity to throw in yet another homage to the IE games. They don't even have to be voiced. If only they could have him make some specific remarks at certain spots of the game, or (even better) have him join in on the party banters (similar to Zahua's oneliners).


I understand those two's personalities are nothing alike. But you never know. Maybe Concelhaut has a wicked sense of humor too, albeit a more laidback, cynical kind of humor. Like the Louis CK of




It's not too late OBS. put that in WM2 or PoE2. He could even be the one to do the 'previously on PoE' segment for the sequel. What do ya'll think?

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I don't think their pet interface allows that kind of interaction, but bark strings and various adventure text dialogues should be do able.

There are party area-transition dialogues that reference pets, so they could at least have a few of those.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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Kana: "I shall be as quiet as a calm sea!"


Concelhaut: "So was your mom before I hit her with my parasitic staff last night!"


Eder: "Ooo! Burn!"


Itumaak: "Arf!"


Oh, you are SOOOO good!  They should hire you!

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Oh, you are SOOOO good!  They should hire you!



Hehe.  Actually, I would love to write for Obsidian, Bethesda, or Bioware.


I thought about including something like:


Durance: "*cackle* I think he just called your mother a whore!"

Aloth:  "Durance, as always, your mastery of the obvious is without peer."


Iselmyer:  "Aye, shut it, ye manky, ash-buggered git!"



but I thought that'd be too on the nose.  tongue.png     

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"Walk away, before you get hurt." [benevolent] - Luma Akasha

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