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Can somone explain Might to me. I think this is wrong: picture provided

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So Sagani hits a target that has 0 DR and crits it with stormcaller (17-25 damage right now) as it is still in its exceptional state.  she does 25 Shock damage (MIN)?????? She has 18 Might.  Shouldn't it be 25 *.24 (18 might 24% bonus) for a total of 31 shock damage? On top of why is it hitting for min when its a crit on no DR? 



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Your damage range already includes might bonus. If you want to see base weapon damage right click it and check second range under 'Damage:' label.



"MIN" should only appear when incoming damage is reduced to 20% of it's value, in this case 25.0 * 0.2 = 5.0 damage done.

But it's not the case - incoming damage and damage dealt are both equal to 25.0. Most likely a bug.

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Might is calculated in the final damage range of a weapon. So, the 17-25 damage range already takes Sagani's 18 might into consideration. Regarding the DR, I'm assuming that the negative value (0 - 5) messed up the display logic for MIN. 


Finally, it's possible that the initial damage roll was low so the additional amount added from the crit gave a total of 25. Possibly 17 (hit) + 17mod2 (add 50% for a crit) = 25.

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It is random and it isn't shown as a math formula in the log as the hit rolls are. It only shows up as the difference in damage per hit. Which is easy to notice if you do something like, say, keep hitting something with high dr so all your damages are in minimums.


I usually encountered it because I actually check the six or previously 10, attack rolls for the blunderbuss to check the damage on them.

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