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Couple of bugs with stats

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Bug 1 :


I put my fine dagger on my rogue, (+4 accuracy + 5 accuracy = 9) he stays at the same accuracy compared to his sabre who gives nothing. Either the UI is bugged, or the item is bugged.


Bug 2 :


ALL armors won't display the right amount of DR from bonus on armor... if I have base DR of 7, and the armor is fine (should be 9 total) in the UI / inventory you only see 7 armor. Same thing with specific resists... armors with 8 pierce resistance, with an enchantment of +3, only displays 8 and not 11 on the left of inventory, where totals should be.


Screenshot : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=525423629


Look at the item, 8 base pierce DR, with +3 in the enchantment description. Now look on the left side below the portrait of the character, you see that the total resist is still 8 and not 11 as it should...


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The stat overview of each item is updated with all available enchantments. The base armor type of The Saint's War armor is scale armor (as noted in the description) which has a base piercing damage resistance of 5, not 8.


It's the same thing with the dagger.

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1) This sounds like a known bug in 2.01: Accuracy display in the character sheet is currently bugged. (This is listed as fixed in the 2.02 beta patch, but until then you'll just have to rely on the accuracy you see in the log; Fortunately, it is a purely cosmetic issue).


2) No bug is shown in your screenshot. The item you list is scale armour; Scale is DR7, Slash/Freeze 125%, Pierce 75%. The armour has been pierce-proofed (+3) and has no quality (+0); Hence it is DR 7 generic (7+0), DR 9 Slash/Freeze ((7+0)*1.25, rounded in display), DR 8 pierce ((7+0+3)*0.75, rounded in display) - which is exactly what your screenshot shows.



More generally, if you observe anything you think is a bug, the proper place to report them is in the technical support forum, not the general discussions forum where you'll find instructions on how they like bugs reported and are assured that they'll be seen and vetted by a member of the development team. :)

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