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Penetrating Shot not working





I would like to signal a possible bug on Penetrating Shot. In my current playthrough, Sagani has Penetrating Shot, but even when activated it doesn't appear on the "Acivated Effects" of her character sheet and I remember searching for that effect during a fight (before I realized the bug) and did not find it, so it seems that it really didn't work at all.


I tried retraining Sagani to see if it would solve the problem, and it did.


Also, another unrelated question : are the effects of Vicious Aiming and Penetrating Shot on the Ranged Attack Speed supposed to stack or is one supposed to suppress the other?

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Are you sure it's actually activated? And that you didn't take vulnerable attack by mistake? Watch patch are you using? Also create get drop box and copy your saved file in there and send us a link on this thread .

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I will do that, but what's an output log and how do I get one?


EDIT : Update, the ability isn't as broken as I thought, despite having the graphics of an activated ability, it wasn't labeled as "active" when I hovered over it (you will see what I mean in the screenshots). So I deactivated it and reactivated it, and it did the trick.


Here is the link to my dropbox :




You will find a save game and the two screenshots.I mentioned earlier.

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Same with some abilities from items, for ex. Blood Testament and Ryona's Vembraces. You put it on but the effect will not show on your char sheet. Put it off and on again and it's working.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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