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Aloth stuck



Hi.  I know this bug has already been mentioned a few times here, but adding it also.


First time occurred  Endless Path lvl 7 by pillar, last chamber (before down-steps) when health bar at yellow.  Fight barely won, and as suggested I needed to save/reload game to unstick him.


Then again after 3rd fight lEndless Path lvl8, also when health bar turned yellow. Never happened before in any other location so far.


This bug severely limits the playability of the game and cripples any chance to advance! Aloth is broken in lower levels of Endless Path.

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Hello Uugard,


Welcome to the Forums! If you have already found a bug on the forums, please do not create a new thread. Keep all related bugs together in the same post. 


As for Aloth getting stuck, we have already placed a fix in the game where performing a save/load will correct his placement on the map. Which you have done already.


Thank you for your support. 

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