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Neither Returning Storm, nor Relentless Storm can be cast by Druid



Hi Developers,


I have an Adventurer druid on level 9 and I recognized that I am unable to cast neither the relentless storm nor the Returning storm, no matter how many times I try.


When I try to cast she switches back for doing nothing instead of initiating the casting. The issue occurred in the new newest update of the basic game. Previously it perfectly worked. Here is my output log and TxT link under Dropbox:




Additional issue I noticed is when I switch weapons at a character, I mean I change the weapon in his hands with a different weapon, the Accuracy on the characters page does not highlight properly the proper accuracy amount. The calculation ignores the weapon's accuracy bonuses.


Only after when a Start a combat the accuracy ability on the character page "jumps" to the right amount with including the weapon's accuracy bonus. you can check this error as well with my save file.


Thanks for the help!

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I have noticed that sometimes the returning storm bug can be fixed by clicking on the ai options and enabling it. For some reason it seems to be tied to the ai and when I first get Hiravias he won't cast the darn spell, but as soon as I activate his ai he seems fine.

I don't mean switching the ai button on and off, but rather selecting and enabling the options ie defensive, attacking, crowd control and saving them.

Hope that's not to confusing. Can't do a screen grab now unfortunately.

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