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Chanters AI Only Cast Skeleton Summon?

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I have tried all 3 configurations (aggressive, support & summon) and it seems regardless of my choice Kana always summons skeletons when the 3-phase threshold is reached. The only way to prevent that is: A) to constantly have him selected and give him other things to do, or B) turn off his AI completely.


Even when I already have him selected, if I don't constantly have him running around, he will immediately summon skeletons. I can't turn all my attention on just babysitting him! Not to mention skeletons are completely useless. I can't even use any of the higher level invocations now (or retrain him since you have to have that invocation) - It's like Kana is perpetually stuck at level 1!


Is there some sort of coding issue that make chanters do that? Is there a work-around? Or did I set something wrong?


This is getting really annoying and I might have to drop chanters from my party permanently now...

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I didn't want to seem rude.

AI implementation is not finished yet, so, there is some weird behaviors.


Just tested it now.

With a Summoner behavior Kana summoned a Phantom.

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Sorry for my bad english.

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