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So... did you guys know that the wizard's Essential Phantom can use Firebrand instead of it's normal shocking wand? Just put Forgemaster Gloves on your Wizard and after you summoned your duplicate it can summon Firebrand. Against single, high DR enemies that's way better than the shocking attack. If you like, your wizaard can also put on heavy armour, creatin a really tanky duplicate with some nice burn damage output.


Also: did you know that when you use Firebrand on your paladin with Flames of Devotion + Intense Flames you get  the massive burn damage of Firebrand + 75%  as pure burn damage (thats 175% burn damage without other modifiers) against burn DR (instead of 100% slash/pirece/crush against DR and 75% against burn DR)? That's great! You can pimp that with the new rogue multiclass talent, two-handed style and savage attack for a total of 225% burn damage. You may add stellar might bonus and 25% corrode damage from Bleak Walkers if you like.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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When I first used essential phantom, I saw that spell binded items were reproduced on it. So I thought... how many items can Aloth equip on himself with spell bind?


And then I thought, what if my cipher used echo on the essential phantom?


Suicide bomber from a spell, here we go.


Duplicates or the monk/ninja kage bunshin trick, is pretty fun.

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