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Paladin Support AI on Enemies



If you have a paladin on support ai with liberating exhortation, the paladin automatically tries to help allies with hostile status effects. This is good.

What isn't good is that if you have a wizard/cipher or anyone that can confuse/charm enemies, the paladin considers confused/charmed enemies as allies, and tries to use liberating exhortation on them.


I've looked on this forum and in the patch notes, and couldn't find anything about this.

I haven't tested this in the latest patch, but I do know this happens everytime in the previous patch.

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Apologies for this late reply. I had some real life stuff going on, and I drifted away from PoE.


I'm not sure if I can save during combat, just before my paladin uses liberating exhortation on a charmed enemy. But I can give you some instructions how to reproduce the bug.

I'm using the 2.03 patch, I don't have Winter March.


Have a cipher cast 'whisper of treason' on an enemy, so he will become charmed.

Have the paladin with liberating exhortation and support AI stand next to that enemy.

This is how I can reproduce the bug.


Keep in mind, I'm talking about charmed enemies, not charmed party members.

I don't know how the AI works, but the paladin doesn't brake engagements to move to the charmed enemy. Sometimes the paladin doesn't use liberating exhortation at all.

I also don't know if this works on dominated enemies, or enemies that have been charmed through other ways.


As a side note, I'm playing on 1080x1920 resolution with 130% font scale.

The font size of the paladin support AI description is very small. The other fonts (is that a word?) are fine.

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