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If you've finished the game how do you access White March?

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I think it was idiotic for Obsidian to make the expansion a side quest and not a continuation of the story. I started out loving this game but after nearing the end I just didnt care....

  With a continuation I could have gone forward if I wanted..

 The way it is now its like a part of the game they didn't finish in time for the initial release..and that's probably the truth.....

Wont get POE 2 cause the story was a convoluted mess and my characters being this size didn't help my immersion.

 Just for clarification I bought TWO COPIES of POE , one for me and one for my nephew( who never got into it) .

 Well, sometimes that's how full games are developed.  I suppose that Obsidian could have waited another year & some-odd months to release the whole game, including all of White March (all "parts" of White that Obsidian has planned), but I think that strategy would have gone over like a lead balloon. As it is, at some future date when the whole game is complete it will no doubt be sold as one complete game at that time, I'm sure.  But for now, if you want to eschew the White March yet still finish the game you can certainly do that--so it isn't like the expansion is something you have to buy in order to finish the original game, is it?


It's for sure that PoE will not be the first game to release an expansion that simply adds new areas & quests to an existing game universe.  But already it seems they've added some significant things to the game that weren't planned, as well--like the AI and other stuff put into version 2.x of PoE.  All of this stuff takes time, and if people don't wish to be in on the ground floor of a game's development then they should studiously avoid kickstarters in the future, imo.  Kickstarters are for people who can go the distance.


The following things were true when I bought PoE (I did not do the KS for some reason I don't now recall... :yes:


1) The original game is complete and can be finished without buying the expansion(s)...


2) I knew when I bought the game that I'd also have an opportunity to buy both Part 1 and Part II of the White March, when if ever they would be released.  It was clear from Obsidian's ample disclosure ahead of time that the White March consisted exclusively of adding new quests and territories to PoE.  At no time did Obsidian infer that the White March would (a) be sold complete initially (as Part 1 was always advertised from the start), and (b) amount to PoE II in terms of the story. At no time did Obsidian state that the White March was a continuation of the story in PoE.


One of the most difficult things for game developers is trying to cover all the bases in your communications with your buying public.  No matter how hard you try and be as precise as possible, and try to state your offerings as concisely as you know how to do without overstating your products, there will always be some people who don't listen to what you say but rather attach their own spin to what you've said--and believe it, too.  These are inevitably the "disappointed ones," the ones who feel slighted because they get what was actually promoted instead of what they had convinced themselves they were getting, instead... :yes:    Eh?  Sound familiar?


As far as the size of characters is concerned, that's a function of screen resolution that you control.  The lower your screen resolution the larger your characters appear, generally speaking.  The higher your resolution, the smaller your characters appear on screen.


It's very well known that I don't make mistakes, so if you should stumble across the odd error here and there in what I have written, you may immediately deduce--quite correctly--that I did not write it... :biggrin:

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I didn't invent a justification...I stated my opinion.

  Your trying to tell me my opinion has no justification......   :)

" The way it is now its like a part of the game they didn't finish in time for the initial release..and that's probably the truth....."


I'm saying 'citation needed'...

Fortune favors the bald.

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