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[2.01.0721 -px1 -steam] Returning storm no longer castable



I updated to 2.01 and my druids can no longer cast returning storm ( PC or Hiravias)


I tried a bunch of different saves, all worked fine last night before the patch. 


When I attempt to cast it now, it appears in the action bar for my characters for an instant then immediately goes away with no attempt to cast.  My other spells all seem to work fine.  I tried verifying game files, did not help.


Save game/outputlog/dxdiag are in a zip on dropbox here:





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Yes its confirmed. Same is happening to me.  Here is a dropbox to the saved game.




You guys need to do this when you report a bug to help these guys locate and fix bugs quickly.

Have gun will travel.

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Hello everyone,


This is a known issue and there is a bug in the database. The problem is if your AI is inactive, you wont be able to cast the spell, but if the AI is on and you have Use per-rest abilities checked, they will be able to cast the spell. 


Thank you for support.


Edit: I have merge these 2 threads as they were related to the same topic. 

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