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Cutscene with Glanfathans in Cliaban Rilag plays at the wrong time



Here's a bug I forgot to report.


After entering Cliaban Rilag from the back entrance to avoid the Glanfathan party camping the entrance, finding the dead Leaden Key agents and exiting back out, I found a single non-responsive Glanfathan waiting for me near the little river there. After crossing it and approaching the Glanfathans' original position, suddenly a cutscene played showing those same Glanfathans crossing the river to ambush me (after I'd already crossed it).


This resulted in a two-sided battle where I had to defend myself from the Glanfathans who had crossed the river and the one who were still at the main entrance. It's obvious that it wasn't supposed to happen that way - the cutscene was supposed to play as I approached the river, but for some reason the leader of the Glanfathans wasn't placed there to trigger it, only one of his underlings.

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Hello Infinitron,


Could you please upload a save file and an output log?


Thanks and keep up the good work!


Well, this is weird. Upon replaying Cliaban Rilag on Patch 2.0, I'm unable to get that scene to trigger at all. The Glanfathans remain at the main entrance to the ruin, unaware that I was inside. Maybe somebody decided to remove it entirely?


I don't know if this is any help, but here are two savegames, one from right after my exit from Cliaban Rilag just now and the other my original 1.06 savegame from right before leaving the area entirely, after I'd killed all the Glanfathans:




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