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Bug: Permanent Debuff from Borresaine





Sagani probably got mind controled and she hit my main character with the war bow and now I'm stuck with a permanent debuff (the one that steals 5 sec of a beneficial effect). I don't think is actually doing anything, but it's annoying seeing it there. Also, if I take the bow from her hand and then save and load the game the debuff disappears from the portrait, but it remains in the character screen.

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Hi guys

Same bug confirmed with mind- controlled characters hitting PC / other characs w/ different weapons in my case Gaun's share / Tidefall - permanent debuff effect - no obvious workaround


bug still non corrected w/ 2.01 beta pach applied - see https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81657-201-gauns-share-tidefall-bug-permanent-steal-buff-effect/



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Could this possibly apply to abilities as well?

I got stuck in combat after an encounter with Fampyrs in the western White March woodlands, on closer inspection Sagani was unable to move, and had been marked as Mortal Enemy (presumably by a charmed Pallegrina).

Combat finally ended upon interaction with a Soul south of the encounter, but Sagani was still marked and unable to move, ended up having to reload.

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