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2.01 - Gaun's share / Tidefall - bug - permanent steal buff effect



Dear Obsidian team,

After installation of beta 2.01 - draining mode correctly reapplies to weapon such as Gaun's share &  Tidefall

However, my PC and other characters are randomly affected by permanent steal buff effect incorrectly applied to them (appearing on character sheet)

bug is - randomly - reproducible starting with prior "clean" saves - no workaround possible (save load does not work ; transition areas does not work)

Pretty serious bug - so I have to stop playing until it is fixed, which is annoying : is that any retroactive fix planned for this issue in new builds ?

thank you for your support (and a great game btw) and looking forward resuming ogres decimation asap!

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Txs Viledruid,

Agreed - starting from a non affected save - bug reproduced after a fight where dominated Gaun's / Tidefall wielders struck my PC / other characs...


Well - best 'workaround' I can think of is to avoid any foe that use charm / dominate or ensure Gaun's / Tidefall are not used in such fights ... not really user friendly...


Any developer here to confirm the issue is acknowledged / known and worked on ? txs!

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