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Alpine Dragon Fight: My Screen is Possessed



So I found the Alpine Dragon in the Ice Cave and engaged it in conversation. Nothing came of it, but I did have the opportunity to attack and, hey...dead dragons are valuable. I tried two or three times, died each time, but lived a little longer.

Then of the fourth try things bugged out *HARD*.


Immediatly when combat began (during the autopause) I summoned my Adra Beatle onto the right-hand side, and the two dragon whelps onto the left hand side.


I sent Eder up into the middle of the fray; he was surrounded by oozes and blights and an angry dragon. The dragon whelps were set to attack the oozes to the left of him, just beneath the dragon. Durance was in the lower left corner, fighting the Spectre that pops up there after fleeing the Bitter Spirit in the entrance way; he was halfway towards the Specter, stunned. The Adra beatle was on the right hand side, engaging those two Spectres. The Bitter Spirit that pops up near the doorway was engaged by Pallegina, and the Devil of Caroc was set to engage it from behind.

When Durance's stun was ended, I had him cast Storm of Holy Fire. PoE did *NOT* like this. First everything slowed down, then the screen blinked, went to a white screen, blinked again (I saw static! what!) and returned to showing the game but in SUPER slow motion and with the colors looking all high-contrast. Then the screen blinked again, came back white, blinked again and then my computer bluescreened and rebooted.

The savegame, output log, and specs are all contained in the link.




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Hello.  Just for the record, we are generally not here at 10 or 11pm on any day, let alone the weekend.  I'm downloading your files now so I can take a look.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.

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- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Its in the possibility of overheating, looked for the temps? The dust in the fans and heatsinks?

That is definitely in the realm of possibility. Everything is fine dustwise. I didn't have the opportunity to check the temps during the event, but after I bluescreened and rebooted everything was perfectly OK.


I've never had any problem like this, before or since. I can't find anything immediately obvious with my hardware, but if the developers come back and tell me they can't locate a bug I'll have to take a deeper look into my system. I'm on the minimum specs to play, anyways, and it's also possible that some new spell effect was just over what my system is capable of doing.

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If you had a bluescreen than windows has logs of it. In the „Zuverlässigkeitsanzeige“ (however this is called in the english version) you could try to let windows find patches for this bugfix on its own. And in the „event viewer“ is the entry of the bluescreen found. There are a few sites out there with extended descriptions and links to possible solutions to the error (also searching for one most resulted in „no one has a solution for this special stop error, but i am not the only one to search for a solution -.-“)

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