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[2.0] no more target indicator enemy -> character ?





since 2.0 patch, that seems that we now miss the curved red line target indicator (from an enemy to the attacked-by-enemy character), that was useful to see which hero is targeted during melees.


It seems that this indicator only appears briefly during the enemy attack gesture, and not during the whole fight as before 2.0 patch.


On the other hand, the curved green line target indicator (from a character to the attacked-by-character enemy), works as before, no issue on this one (keep displaying during the whole fight).




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Hello, Artighel.  The line you speak of can still be seen when mousing over the enemy you are curious about.  Thanks!


Thanks Celliott for the answer.


That behavior is ok (having to put mouse over enemy to make appear the indicator), before from an efficiency purpose point of view, I miss the permanent indicator that was present before latest patch.


What was the design approach that motivated this change, and should it be maybe possible to add an option to activate it permanently or not ?




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