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Garodh's Chorus (SPOILER)

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This was *REALLY* cool. It's actually one of my favorite pieces of equipment so far. I *really* enjoyed the way you got to choose the past history of the spirit. I suspect--although I don't know for sure--that the enchantments on the helm reflect the choices you made. If so, it's a really cool integration of the story element of Watcher abilities with equipment and gameplay.

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There is another version. You chose the offensive memories. If you choose the defensive ones you get +10 defense while stunned and proned instead of retaliation iirc.


@cam_robert "cool looking" is a very subjective term. I turned it into a hood.

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Guys, I must have encountered some kind of bug, because I started this quest in the armory, found the battered helm and had the first vision.

Afterwards, I was passing by the armory again, and I found the battered helm again, only this time I had the second vision. Could anybody tell me where I am SUPPOSED to find the other parts of the helmet?

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just updating this; there are two helmet types:

type 1:

+3 might, preservation (50 defense on prone/stunned).

you get this one by answering most of the questions with you "surviving" the encounter.

type 2:

+3 might, retaliation

you get this by going kamikaze for every encounter.


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