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Save games wont load, pushes back to main menu and other issues



So I recently downloaded the DLC and decided to start a new character.


Game originally started up fine, created my character and played through the intro sequence to the point where you first level up.


First issue it seems was that on the level up screen where you can select a talent there were a bunch of talents there with the name of "*missing talent XXXX*" The discription was there, but the Talent name didn't seem to be there.


I ignored it and played on until my first crash. I started the game again and chose the "continue" option which I assume just loads up the latest saved game. The game then froze/crashed again when trying to load it. Started it up again and manually tried to choose a earlier saved game. When pressing the "load" option of the saved game it just kicks me back to the main menu. Tried to load up other characters I had played in the past, same issue happens. Verified integrity via steam, same issue.


Tried to create a new character and it seemed to try and start the game right away without having the option to pick the class/race etc. I could see the background of the starting area, but no UI elements or character on screen


I ended up having to move all my saved games away from the default location / deleted contents of (C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment) and (C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment). I was able at this point to create a new character, but after the first sequence where you enter the cave the game freezes on the load screen.



I've given up at this point, hopefully the issues will be resolved in a patch and I can play at that point. Unless there is some known issue/workaround I can use.

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Hello Kasan,


Did you by change participate in the beta with us? If so, please go to your game properties in steam and under the beta tab, select from beta, to none. That should update your game with the proper files. 


Could you please upload a save file, output log, dxdiag, and the crash folder that is on your desktop via dropbox so I can take a look?


Thanks a bunch.

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