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Steam: Download Disk Write Error at 99%



Some other people have had this problem, too, but any of the tips I have followed haven't helped. Steam Support takes its time to answer (and it might be two weeks, they say...) and I'm running out of eligible refund time (though the fact that the game doesn't install at all should validate me for a refund in any case, but I'm not counting on it). 

My system is a bit old, but it should still be able to install the game. Mind, I'm not able to even try running it yet, so that isn't the issue.

The specs are:
Win 10 (and automated updates, so the latest fixes should be there)
Asus X53E (older version), so the hardware is Intel Pentium B960, 2.2 GHz, dualcore; 4GB RAM
Free disc space 107 GB (C:) and now, since I moved Steam (as suggested before) to D:, 201 GB there.
The NVidia should also be up to minimum in running the game, but it doesn't probably affect the install problem at this point?

Disabling Windows Defender doesn't help, either. The Windows Extended Firewall Settings are allowing all traffic on Steam.

I have removed and installed the game. Then I have moved all Steam files but .exe and the SteamApps file to another drive (D:), run Steam from the file (and not shorcut), while restarting the computer in all steps between, and re-installed Steam and re-installed the game another time. Every time, it gets stuck on 99%. Since I haven't much used this drive since buying the laptop, I'm not really buying into the claim that that drive is also falling apart. For C:, I could have believed. Not for D:.

I even saw on a blog a tip that suggested changing download "Area" - in fact, the servers - but that didn't help, either. 

My last chance is to remove and re-install Steam entirely. I'm doing it as I write, but to be frank, I'm not expecting it to work, either.

Anyone else having this problem?


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Hello viimatar,


It could be possible that you don't have the rights to access the folder or drive you are trying to install to. Right click the folder/drive and go to properties and make sure you have access. 


If you download the game again and get to 99% and still get stuck, look for your content_log file in your steam folder and send me that files. Could you also please send me a dxdiag file? 



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Anytime I try to download add-ons or games with GoG Galaxy I get a disk write error.  I fixed it by disabling my Antivirus Real Time Scanning until the download is complete.  I don't know if it's the same for Steam but it's worth a try.

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