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In the update today it says "You may now retrain your party members to modify their attributes, skills, and abilities. Now you can try out new builds quickly and easily."


When I retrain a party member i don't see an option to modify their attributes. Is this not the most important aspect of retraining?

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Currently you can not retrain the attributes of companions you meet in the world.  Just your main character.

Is this working as intended? Because if so, they REALLY need to rephrase that in-game statement when you click on the dice, when it says you can retrain everybodies attributes.


Also, I went to retrain my attributes (my main char) and it told me I had -15 points. When I pulled a bunch of points off my resolve, it finalized with 1 point to spend.


The hell?

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Negative 15 points? Maybe the respec is interacting weirdly with stat boosts? See if stripping down before respeccing helps that.


Would like to respec party members, though I can sort of see why the game might not allow it for story and character reasons (Aloth is detail-oriented, Pallegina is determined and willful, etc).



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