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  1. So I've been playing the game slowly off and on since release. I recently killed Thaos, then the game ended, without playing any White March content. Is that it? I thought White March and Deadfire would be new chapters in my characters story. Was I supposed to stop with the original storyline when White March released? Kinda confused.
  2. It does affect how i play the game, tbh. I find myself avoiding Defiance bay and Caed Nua as much as possible. I even use console commands to port around sometimes in order to avoid a half dozen loading screens getting from point A to point B, which I hate doing. For example, when "learning" the Adra dragon fight, I wanted to go from her lair to the Dracogen Inn, then camp outside town, then the brothel, then back to her lair. The loading screens were comical. I tried disabling autosave via iemod, which helped some. Perhaps it will become more noticeable as I progress in the game.
  3. Hello, I have seen a few videos where the quick slot bag is permanently expanded on the character's action bar. Is this a mod or is there a command in-game i'm missing? Thank You
  4. It's a known bug. Been around for quite some time, too.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ip8m80x8lazhwp/Save%20File.zip?dl=0 output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  6. Really bad since 2.0 for me. In addition to inventory and character selection delay, i get spikes every 20 seconds or so where the game hitches. I quickly read a few old posts about it, and the workarounds are a bit wonky, i.e., removing portraits from game files, disabling internet, bypassing Steam, 3rd party addons, etc.. Any idea what it is? Is it Steam? Is it the game? Save Game https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ip8m80x8lazhwp/Save%20File.zip?dl=0 Output and Dxdiag attached below output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  7. I just logged out in Dyrford Ruins and came to the forums for the same issue.
  8. Currently you can not retrain the attributes of companions you meet in the world. Just your main character.
  9. So I'm noticing a lot of substantial changes that aren't in the patch notes. Is there a more detailed list of 2.0 changes somewhere? Some changes are pleasant surprises, like the Follow Selected option and the new voices. This is the most complete list I could find http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-186-update-notes-200/
  10. I could have sworn I read or watched a patch preview that mentioned a new feature which would allow the player to hide the party UI in the bottom left of the screen. Is there an option or button I'm missing?
  11. Guardian Stance and Gallant's Focus coexisting contradicts every caveat you mentioned. Same scenarios, different stat. There's definitely conflicting mechanics going on. I hereby declare the whole thing ridiculous. I'm still bringing Eder through Path of the Damned with me. We'll find something constructive for him to do.
  12. There we go, hope that helps https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ip8m80x8lazhwp/Save%20File.zip?dl=0
  13. Guardian Stance's deflection aura doesn't affect the caster.
  14. My Cipher with 7 points in stealth and my Priest with 0 points both get detected at the same distance and time from a stationary mob. The difference is the yellow detection circle fills to red faster for the Priest. Just throwing this info out there since I know I'm not the only one mislead
  15. if you double click your desired character's hotkey, the camera will center on them. Not an auto lock, but still helpful.
  16. The zip save file was too big and I don't have dropbox. I did attach the output log. I closed the client mid combat. It's easy to reproduce though. All you need is a Cipher, a Paladin, and a bad guy. Cast Charm and just stand there. This happens on beta and live btw. output_log.txt
  17. So, multiple modals are allowed to be active simultaneously on one character, unless they affect the same stat, in which case they become exclusive. That makes sense. But, that leaves the issue of Guardian Stance being exclusive when it only affects the Fighter's accuracy, not deflection. Shouldn't it then be allowed to remain active with either Defender or Cautious Attack?
  18. That can't be right. I think I worded my post wrong. You're saying that it's intended for hostile mobs to indefinitely retain paladin auras after a charm spell fades, and that toggling the aura off/on while they are hostile is designed to affect them? That has to be a bug, right?
  19. It's not too big an issue with the reroll feature, but it does add to the current convoluted nature of talent progression. How would a player know which are exclusive and which are not without specific information in the spell description, i.e., zealous auras? None of those fighter abilities violate the stacking/suppression rules. Based on what's in the description for Defender and Cautious Attack i don't see why Eder can't 'adopt a more conservative combat strategy' and 'attack from a defensive posture'. Well, back to beating my head against PotD Dweller. Love the game btw!
  20. -- Zealous Endurance and Cautious Attack can be active simultaneously -- Neither Defender, Cautious Attack, or Guardian Stance can be active at same time Is this intended or a bug? All are modal abilities.
  21. After charmed wears off, paladin auras remain on hostile mobs indefinitely unless the aura is toggled on/off each time you charm an enemy.
  22. Nothing in combat log to indicate it is doing anything. The debuff is applied, yet there is no indication of its damage in any form.
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