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White Marsh content question

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Quick question,


If I have the White Marsh expansion, and I start a new game, will I see stuff like Souldbound weapons as random loot in vanilla (original release) zones or is all the new stuff ONLY found in the new areas of the expansion?


Also, does the increased level cap mean a new spell level and new abilities to acquire?  Have any such abilities/spells/talents been revealed as yet?  Any new class talents?  Are there any abilities/spells/talents being added for low-level characters?

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I believe soulbound weapons will not be part of the random loot table and will be found in the new areas (mostly Durgan Battery, I suppose.)


There will be new spells, new abilities, and new talents though it is not known whether more were added for lower levels (I deem it unlikely.)


A few have been shown in videos or described but it's much quicker to see them tomorrow in the expansion than to dig them up on my smartphone :)

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