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[2.0 beta] - Fighter Defender Engagement issue/Flanked still triggered



'Flanked' Status applying without engagement limit being surpassed, with Fighter ability 'defender' active.
Steps to Reproduce the Issue:
- Identified in 'Magren's fork' with Eder fighter. Defender ability active, three enemies engaged.
- Confirmed testing twice against three wolves engaged, taken screenshot for reference.
- 'Flanked' status shows when hover over character, and with tool tip by portrait.
- Consistent occurrence with all new games created with 2.0 beta patch.
Important Files:

First post, as I'm the silent type online.

I think I don't have permission to attach files yet so I have provided a link to screenshot.
If other files required let me know. Thanks :)


Available via Link - Identifies green lines showing current engagement, defender active, and highlighted tooltip to show flanked being triggered.



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