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Will I miss any content or dialouge by playing with only 3 other companions at a time

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I got the game almost a month ago and have only got done all of the Gilded Vale quests and got the Stronghold. Well, I don't even know if there are more Gilded Vale quests after I get the stronghold.


I'm enjoying the game, but I'm going to stop and will start playing again once the The White March part 1 and update 2.0 is released. I plan on starting a new game on hard (was on normal) and want to play with only 3 other companions at a time, and won't recruit any hirelings. I plan to get all companions and do all of their quests. If it's possible to answer without spoilers,  is there any content, quests, etc in the base game that require me to have more than 3 companions at a time. Other than banter, will I miss any dialouge?


I assume I could hear banter while hanging out with 5 other companions in the stronghold?





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Has anyone else played like this before? How'd it go? I just prefer controlling smaller groups...4 is the right number to me.


I'll only ever have more than 4 if I picked up a new companion, but even then I plan to travel and avoid combat on the way to the stronghold to drop them off.

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There's only a single part of a single quest that ever requires you to have more than 1 person, so it's fine. 


However, if you want to make sure you do every single companion's quest in the same playthrough, you'll have to do some thinking ahead. Durance and Grieving Mother require lots of time spent in-party to unlock their dialogues. Other companions just need to be there when you do their business, I think (e.g. take Alroth to a place that he wants to go to). You could just leave a couple of them for replay value later...

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Is there a specific reason why do you want to limit yourself to four characters?  As Tigranes said, some characters require to be in your party so that you can progress it, and limiting your self to three at a time while simultaneously trying to do every companion's questline in one playthrough is going to involve a lot of backtracking to inns and moving companions in and out which just seems like too hard work. Add to this the fact that the companions not in your party won't be getting xp unless they get their own quests at the stronghold means that you will quite possibly end up with characters with very disparate levels especially since you will be playing with a smaller than normal party meaning you will get more xp per party member in active party than normal leading you to over-level, especially since you already hit max level very easily as it is. 

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