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Mod that allows items stats to stack?

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I checked out Nexus looking for a mod that does this.. And I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it exists. I'm not that great at this game or maybe dedicated enough to be great.. I'm 15 hours into a game on normal and have struggled regularly.


I think it would be fun on a 2nd playthrough to try on hard or path of the damned if I could get a mod that allowed me to stack. 

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So... you want the challenge of a higher difficulty setting, but you want it to be easier because it's too hard? I don't want to offend you, but this sounds a bit strange.  :blink:


This game is pretty easy even on PotD once you figured out how the mechanics work and once you know the abilites and spells a bit better. No need for stacking items' attribute bonuses (in that regard). Anyways this won't make the game much easier because the attributes don't have as much impact as you might be used to. 3 points here and there will not make the game a lot easier if you already have troubles on normal.


If you follow the rule of thumb "buff yourself -> debuff the enemy -> attack" you should be fine. There are some delicate stacking rules for accuracy (which is the most important value in this game). Those are very good to know.


Other than that, I can't help you guys. I never heard or read about such a mod.


Why don't you switch to easy difficulty? I know this is not what you asked for, but XP, quests, items and all the important stuff will be the same. The only thing that changes with difficukty settings is the number, type and/or the stats of generic "trash" enemies. You will not miss anything.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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