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  1. I don't know, I haven't tried it yet. After I finish my first playthrough I haven't decided if I'd try Hard Mode or or just solo on easy. I'm curious, have you tried it with a Rouge yet? That would be my choice, just not sure if it'd be tanky enough to get through everything.
  2. Thing is, of course, that you can't "create maps", and to release "the editor" (suggesting that they even have an editor) wouldn't do anything to fix that. I'm all for mod support and I'd love to take a crack at certain things, but custom campaigns ain't gonna happen. People rarely even make custom campaigns when the tools are there, in systems where it's possible (Oblivion/Skyrim, FO3/FONV, D:OS, etc). How difficult would it be to make a mod that allows stats from items to stack? More importantly, maybe this could be the first thing you try to "take a crack at"! I've never been a hug
  3. I checked out Nexus looking for a mod that does this.. And I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it exists. I'm not that great at this game or maybe dedicated enough to be great.. I'm 15 hours into a game on normal and have struggled regularly. I think it would be fun on a 2nd playthrough to try on hard or path of the damned if I could get a mod that allowed me to stack.
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