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How do I get a notification when this product goes beta/releases?

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How can I get on a notification list for the beta and/or the release of this product?  My job and family life prevents me from scouring the Internet to find factoids/interesting developments without some kind of time scale.  I just want some way to subscribe with an email address so I don't miss it.  My son and I love the PACG board game variant (our favorite board game out of ~300 I have on the shelf), but due to the setup time, don't play as often as we might otherwise.  This would totally resolve that issue for us, and perhaps even double or triple our adventure shenanigans.


Thanks to everyone involved.



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I don't know if Obsidian has a system to auto-notify you (though, I'd certainly welcome it if there were).


However, Board Game Geek does a great job of following mobile app boardgaming with their "iOS Board Games" blog (that actually follows iOS, Android, and Steam for digital board games).  Go here and either subscribe and check it daily, or subscribe to the RSS feed; most email apps have an RSS reader so it won't be actual email, but you'll get the news in the same place.  http://boardgamegeek.com/blog/164/ios-board-games

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Within the next month or so we should have a signup for beta live on our website. I'll also make an announcement here when the time comes.


That signup will also give you the option to get regular updates from us so that whether or not you are beta testing, you'll know when we launch.

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Look everyone, Actual News!

Thanks Nathan.

I understand how hard it is to give us what we want (impossible) and to market the way you want.

Thanks for some concrete-ish info!


So, when do we beta test? Now? How 'bout now? Now?

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from paizo.com http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2stbb?Digital-adventure-card-game#7




 Lisa Stevens CEO

2 hours, 26 minutes ago FLAG 



Matsu Kurisu wrote:

Loved the video snippets? Want to play the game now!!!
Looks reasonably complete. 

I wonder if Obsidian are letting perfection get in the way of possible? 

As long as you have Rise of the runelords base and AD1 complete get it one sale, you can fix bugs develop additional sets later




As somebody who has been play testing the heck out of this, I can tell you it isn't ready for prime time yet. The core box scenarios are pretty good in terms of bugs, though we keep stumbling on some. It is super frustrating when you know that you should be able to win the scenario and you don't because of a bug. Trust me. :)

I got through Skinsaw Murders once and Nathan (the lead designer) was floored. He hadn't been able to do that yet without the game crashing. Turns out, he was right. I haven't been able to do that again.

So while the game is coming along rapidly and the gameplay is really fun, this isn't anywhere ready for prime time yet. It isn't the quest for perfection.


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