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I've never noticed my bow dealing burning damage, despite the enchant--all damage shows up as piercing. Is that normal behaviour (and the burning damage is being added silently), or is it failing to do anything?



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How lash damage works.


1) lash damage is % of attack damage (before DR)

(so if attack does 10 damage, and lash is 30%, then lash damage is 3)

2) then DR is applied, which is 25% of lash damage DR that target has

(so if target has fire DR 10, then 2.5 is applied against fire lash)

3) if that DR is higher then actual lash damage at point 1, then no lash damage is done

(this pretty much grantees that grazes will very rarely do any lash damage, while crits will do them pretty much all the time)

4) otherwise, lash damage is done and is shown in combat log

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Spell Fixes compilation for Neverwinter Nights 2, as well as my other submissions for this great game.

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