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Low frame rate & laggy UX in character creation



Hi everyone,
I'm posting on behalf of my girlfriend. We bought Pillars of Eternity on the Steam sale (aww yiss) under the impression that it would run on her laptop. For reference, here are the minimum requirements listed on Steam, alongside my girl's laptop specs:

|     |      minimum      |      laptop     |
| OS  | Vista 64 or newer | Win7 64         |
| CPU | i3-2100T          | i5-2450M        |
| RAM | 4 GB              | 4 GB            |
| GPU | Radeon HD 4850    | Radeon HD 7450M |

So clearly, we exceed the minimum requirements everywhere but RAM.


At this point, I should mention that we can run e.g. Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel at a smooth 50-60fps on low settings. I don't believe for a second that Pillars is more graphically intensive than a 3D game.


The problem we face is an extreme amount of "lag" in character creation. The frame rate is low... like maybe < 15 fps. Input takes a long time (> 1 second) to register.


I don't want to return this game, I really don't. I've been following it since the Kickstarter was announced. We've already spent an hour in character creation, and with diagnostic tests and stuff that duration is going to go over 2 hours and we will be unable to return the game and get our money back.


Please help!


I've got the AA set to minimum. I've tried running as admin. I've tried running in borderless. All our network adapters (except the one we actually use) are disabled. None of these issues occur in the main menu - only once we enter character creation.



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