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Quoting from a previous topic


"Wolf attacks every 3,4s vs bears 5,1 and lions 4,9"


Given that wolf aslo does 13-19 base damage instead of 11-17 for other pets (I think), I think it could be a big difference for damage, but it would require confirmation ^^


I would be curious about other pets attack speed by the way.


Bears only have 3 more DR (or am I missing something), so personnally, I would prefer wolf. 

I did do some tests with the pets


attackspeed wise its


Antelope>Wolf>Deer>Boar=>Lion(forgot but lion for sure isnt faster)>Bear ( lion is super slow for a dps pet)


wolves also got less endurance so even if they only take 3 more dmg a hit they cant take as many and that 3 per hit adds up fast


but i mostly want to know if i can safely pick a dps pet now without it dying too much or if its still bear just so u dont need too worry about it too much ( this is for Potd for hard and lower it doesnt matter i think)



From your description, I tend to think that there are 2 different base attack speed for pet :

- Very Slow for Lion and Bear

- Not so slow for the other.


According to pet stats that I found here :

https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74152-ranger-wolf-pet/ (Wolf was bugged at this time, now they have 13 Dex)


The different Dex from pets can explain the slight difference between pets of the same category.

For Dexterity : Antelope > Wolf > Stag > Boar

And : Lion > Bear

But Lion has the same Dex as Stag, so there should be a different base speed.


This is just for Maths ; unfortunately, I don't have PotD experience with pets.

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So i did some more tests with the pets and looks like the bear was stealth nerfed to only get 2 bonus Dr instead of 3


endurance & DR at lv 14  Including the bonus from resilient companion


Bears 212 endurance 26 Dr


Boars 250 endurance 24 Dr


Lions 221 endurance 24 Dr


Antelope 192 endurance 24 Dr


Wolf 192 endurance 24 Dr


Stag 192 endurance 24 Dr


Boars: are the best tank pet now it takes 20 hits for the bears passive Dr to overcome the extra endurance  and boars having a high res make it pull ahead  not to mention once they drop to 50% they do some pretty good dmg too thanks to to their passive and decent attackspeed.


Lions: kinda got shifted into a tank pet. Sustain wise theyre inferior to boars and bears but they do have a decent 10 seconds aoe fear, they could be useful in a team that has little CC or a weak early game where the fear could be very useful.


Bears: pretty much the same as before 


Stag: imo the worst of the dps pets his stats are not that great and while his carnage ability does last a decent amount of time, his poor Int guts the range and makes it pretty bad  (2.1m) and the dmg on it is really low too not to mention it has -10 accuracy  and he allready has the worst accuracy out of the dps pets


Antelope: the tankiest of the dps pets thanks to his +7 defenses it also has the fastest attackspeed making it a solid choice


Wolf : according to what other say wolves got a higher base dmg ( i didnt take enough samples to confim) and they get +12 defense against disengage attacks which is allright.


so overall it seems Boar is the best if you want a sturdy/tank pet and wolf and antelope are about equal for dps pets ( even if wolf has a slightly higher base dmg antelope has slightly faster attackspeed so theyre about equal)

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