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[1.06.0617] Low NPC voice volume



I mentioned this in another post and waited for the hotfix hoping it would resolve this but it's still happening. I also did a clean install and checked some old saves with no luck. I'm running the GoG version.


Basically what happens is when speaking with a notable NPC with voiced dialogue I get very low voice volume. Not all NPCS are affected but the NPCS at the Copperlane outdoor market were low. Is anyone else experiencing this?



edit- I checked out a few more NPCS in different areas around Defiance bay and coudn't any more instances. Maybe it just affects a few areas/random NPCS?

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Here's the save and output log.




Lora, Narmer, and Igrun all are low. You might need to turn off the music and sfx to hear them, I'm actually surprised I heard them at all. 


All in all this bug didn't bother me that much but I thought it might be affecting other npcs and I just wasn't noticing so I thought I'd report it.

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