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Staking items in stash/shops

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 So when I dump a ton of animal skins in my stash chest they all stack making the stash easy to browse, and when I take them out of my stash chest the stack size changes. Similarly when I buy camping supplies/lockpicks they are all stacked together in the shop rather then each individually having their own line.


 Since this functionality is already there, wouldn't it be possible to just enable it for everything else as well so when I loot 10 dead dudes my stash would have the 10 armors/hats/shields/weapons each only using 1 space? And then also do the same for shops so after I sell those 40 items the shop gets 1 line for each (like for lockpicks) rather then 40 lines?

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Annoying as h*** to go through merchants lists after a while.


Would not be surprised to see this in a patch eventually, as it should be a pretty easy fix IMO.

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It's really annoying at shops, I've gotten to the point that I only sell at crappy vendors that I don't shop as much otherwise, like the general goods vendor in the stronghold or some of the food shops.  Some easier way of selling 100 xaurip spears/shields at once would be handy too, feel like I'm going to break my mouse button clearing those out sometimes.

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