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Any chance to now get the beetle summon....[Spoiler?]

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If this counts as a spoiler, please feel free to move the post.


I'm referring to the summons in the Heritage Hill monument. 


I don't have the mechanics to unlock the chest as I had put in Athletics for my solo monk run. Now the chest when I set off the trap hits me for roughly 400 burn damage and insta-kills me. I have 800 health but only like 200 endurance i think. I don't currently have any equipment to mitigate burn damage specifically. I have not come across any, but if you know of any please let me know.


Is it possible to set off this trap and still survive!? Keep in mind I am solo running so I cannot use skills from another class, just level 1 scrolls.



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That's a Sunlance trap--what does Sunlance target, Deflection or Reflex? Figure out which one it is, then boost the appropriate stat as much as you can with gear and food and pray for a miss.


ETA: I don't know if this works for solos, but you could also try to abuse equipment with Second Chance (the merchant in Ondra's Gift sells a ring) or the Dead Man's Stands you get off the encounter in Magran's Fork, boots that delay death by 3 seconds, giving you time to drink a potion.

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I have had success with setting the game speed to fast (D on keyboard) then running as soon as I trip the trap.  I usually get only some damage as I get out of range quickly.

Sadly this is what caused my issue, I tripped the trap and ran out. SAVED, now when I go back in the trap insta hits. I was dumb and didn't loot the chest while I was in there originally.


I figured the trap would have gone off and hit no one since I left the room. It would seem not.

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Devs supposedly fixed second chance so you could try it with the ring if you don't mind being knocked out.


Evading the trap can't be that hard though for a monk later on since it relies on deflection


These are the stats for PotD




It has accuracy of 66 vs deflection. Used my mage to open the thing first with base deflection of 43 and got torched. So then I gave my mage a large shield (with +28 deflection) and a ring of deflection (+10 deflection) to boost it up to 81 and it missed on my second attempt. If I rolled 1-30 it would have missed so those odds were pretty ok at 30% chance to evade completely though I will note my wizard is level 12 but monk's natural deflection should be on par or higher. Ring of deflection is easy enough to obtain through lora's store in copperlane and try equipping any large shield with superb/exceptional on it since I used Old Gerun's wall which is a bounty loot shield and is sort of hard to get solo. Try it later on when you level up more if you still have problems. This trap doesn't have consistent damage since one hit me for 375 which would graze you for 175 meaning you have far more leeway than it just missing if it grazes especially if you get high damage reduction armor just for this.

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