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Hi All,
I wanted to make a list of spells affected by elemental talents for Wizards, Druids and Priests to plan my next builds.
I think it could be a good idea to share it.
If you see anything that isn't true or something missing, don't hesitate to correct me.
??? means that I'm not sure.
I also assumed summons are not affected by Elemental talents.

Wizard Spells :

Fire :
Fan of Flames  (Lvl 1)
Combusting Wounds ??? (Lvl 2)
Ray of Fire (Lvl 2)
Rolling Flame (Lvl 2)
Fireball (Lvl 3)
Flame Shield (Lvl 4)
Wall of Flame (Lvl 4)
Torrent of Flame (Lvl 5)
Corrode :
Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon (Lvl 2)
Necrotic Lance (Lvl 2)
Concelhaut's Draining Touch (Lvl 3)
Noxious Burst (Lvl 3)
Death Ring (Lvl 6)
Ice :
Chill Fog (Lvl 1)
Kakaloth's Sunless Grasp (Lvl 1)
Blast of Frost (Lvl 5)
Ninagauth Bitter Mooring (Lvl 5)
Ninagauth Freezing Pillar (Lvl 6)
Lightning :
Jolting Touch (Lvl 1)
Crackling Blot (Lvl 3)
Chain Lightning (Lvl 5)
Special :
Kakaloth's Minor Blight (Lvl 3) : summon a wand with a random element.
Druid Spells :
Fire :
Sunbeam  (Lvl 1)
Burst of Summer Flame  (Lvl 2)
Firebrand (Lvl 2)
Boiling Spray (Lvl 4)
Firebug  (Lvl 5)
Sunlance (partial) (Lvl 6)
Corrode :
Autumn's decay  (Lvl 2)
Rot Skulls  (Lvl 6)
Ice :
Winter Wind  (Lvl 1)
Blizzard  (Lvl 2)
Hail Storm (partial) (Lvl 4)
Lightning :
Dancing Bolts (Lvl 1)
Returning Storm  (Lvl 3)
Relentless Storm (Lvl 5)
Nature's Terror  (Lvl 5)
Priest Spells
Fire :
Divine Mark (Lvl 2)
Searing Seal (Lvl 4)
Shining Beacon (Lvl 4)
Pillar of Holy Fire  (Lvl 5)
Cleansing Flame  (Lvl 6)
Lightning :
Warding Seal (Lvl 3)
Spark the soul of the Righteous ??? (Lvl 6)
And that's all for the priest ! Apparently, PoE gods like fire. 
EDITED ON 30/05/15
Edited by Elric Galad
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The DoT portion of Autumn's Decay (i.e. the vast majority of the spell's damage) is not affected by Spirit of Decay either. Hypothesis: any damage where the tooltip states "Effects: x damage over y seconds" is not affected by elemental bonuses.


On that note, I just saw a Chill Fog graze for 15.9 damage before DR, when the stated damage on Chill Fog was 16-23 (base 12-18) and I had only Secrets of Rime to boost the spell (character level 2). Such huge graze damage should not be possible... I suspect that the base 20% boost is fully added to grazes instead of being halved.


edit: Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon does not benefit from SoD either. Necrotic Lance's main effect does work, however (though its DoT component is not affected), so it's not a bug with the talent itself.

Edited by Bubbles
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