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The current build is totally feature complete but I've noticed these tiny things that I miss and somehow wonder why nobody implemented them:

- you can pan the game screen with keys (say arrow keys, they are configurable), so why can't I pan the boundaries on the map? It would make totally sense to use the very same keys to move around the map -- right now you can only click on a new location to move the boundaries, so... add those keys please!

- three buttons on the map for slow/normal/fast speed -- fast is often used to navigate the map but there are no buttons on the map itself to change speed.

- saving may take some seconds, it's annoying that there is no feedback about the START of the saving (there's only a log message when save is complete). It would suffice to blend in a green "Saving..." message on the bottom of the screen.

- during save it is possible to press the pan keys, once saving completes the screen snaps to the very extreme of the pressed key (e.G. when I press "left" during save the screen scrolls to the very left right after save). It would make sense to disable all input when the UI is unresponsive or to clear the buffers right after save.

- the bestiary is updated "behind the scenes" but I don't like to miss out on those updates. would it be so difficult to mark updated entries? just color-coding (yellow highlighting the updated entries) would be enough, much like quests white/grey colors. anything would do, really.

- I've seen what you've done in the documentary "road to eternity", obsidian!! I've seen IT!!! so... where can I send my money to back "Eternity 2"?




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