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Broken quests in Act 3



Not sure if this is where to start this kind of thread, but there are TWO broken quests out of Twin Elms....incredibly frustrating. 


At the Mercy of the Tribes

- After killing the people in the abandoned tower and exploring a bit I wind up getting caught in permanent combat if I go anywhere near the Fangs.  I end up just having to reload.


Hunter, Brother

- I went in to the 'trial' before finding Fiorns (?) body (I had found him once before, but had to reload because of the permanent combat thing).  I remembered, reloaded, then ran out, inspected the body, and returned.  Now it refuses to begin the 'trial'.  I'm stuck with Ridai saying he's "eager to find out what happened", and the main trial lady (you'll have to excuse my complete inability to recall names...) offering dialogue options that do not include anything to do with the trial.  The quest remains incomplete.


Any help would be great!




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There is an infinite combat bug on that map which sometimes triggers. I think you have to clear all the Staelgar for it to go away, but happened on a solo play-though so never confirmed if this will solve the problem. 


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I examined the staelgar, then went to the hut (I thought I had also examined the body, but had in reality done so on a previous playthrough).  If I want I can start the 'trial' now.  The 'trial' will not trigger, however, if I now leave the hut, go examine the body, and then return.  So:


Staelgar > Body > talk to Ridai > trial = works


Staelgar > talk to Ridai > Body > trial = does not work

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