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I was looking into modding levels, quests, etc., and I enjoy the interesting system and world PoE's made, and wanted to make something with it.  Is it possible, in any meaningful way, to mod the game?  Do I need a decompiler?

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Whether it's in any meaningful way.. ehh.. I guess, maybe? I mean, much of what the IEMod does can be considered straight-up fixes to the game, and I'd say that much of what it does isn't just meaningful, but crucial. I wouldn't even play PoE again without the IEMod. It's an across-the-board downgrade that I see no reason why anyone would put up with.


Meaningful depends on what you endow it with. Modding levels, modding quests? Probably hard as balls, and modding the game is already a bitch seven days to sunday. I don't think we'll see any major modding, aside from tweaking, anytime soon. It's just inaccessible to the vast majority, not just of people, but of modders in general.


I once got it into my head that I was going to change the Attribute bonuses to something that isn't objectively horrible, and I failed to even pin down where or how to change it. It's not.. friendly, and a far cry of the easy modding of the IE games.

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Really strange that there are almost none mods out yet , i was expecting people to MOD various abilities and skills like crazy when PoE came out , some Talents , Skills , Abilities , items needs some quality tweaking , for example stuff like Close Shooter - could easiliy be 25% or 20% , shadowing beyond per encounter so Backstab talent becomes a real thing etc. etc.

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Keep in mind that modding POE often requires changes to the code; different mods that change the code differently won't be compatible with one another. That's why the IE Mod authors/maintainers recommend adding components to the IE Mod rather than putting out new mods.

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